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Join Dr. Jeremy Perigo and guest theologians, scholars, musicians, and Christian leaders as we bridge faith and ministry praxis. WorshipTheology is a podcast to fuel and nurture vital discussions on worship, music, and theology. Join us as we think deeply about Christian worship.

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Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

In this episode of the Worship/Theology Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Perigo interviews Pastor Michael Miller, founding pastor and senior leader of UPPERROOM. They discuss the theology, worship practices, and story of a church community centered around the presence of Jesus. UPPERROOM is known for its commitment to prayer and worship, with prayer meetings happening morning, noon, and night. In this podcast, they explore the importance of God's presence in worship, the value of prayer, and the cultural impact of being a house of prayer. 
Pastor Miller shares his background growing up in a conservative church and his encounter with the Holy Spirit that led him to embrace the work of the Holy Spirit in worship. The conversation explores themes such as ministering to the Lord, worship as a resting place, the "in and out" lifestyle, the power of the Lord's Table, and the hope found in this emerging generation.

Tuesday May 21, 2024

In this Worship/Theology Podcast episode, Dr. Jeremy Perigo interviews Dr. Joshua Busman about his article titled “A Fun and Funky Disco Pastiche: David Crowder Confronts Evangelical Performance Anxiety.” They discuss the concept of performance anxiety in evangelical worship and how it affects both worship leaders and congregants. They explore the tension between authenticity and performance in worship, the role of control and authority in worship spaces, and how worship leaders navigate the divide between performance and worship. In the article and podcast, Busman highlights David Crowder as an example of a worship leader who “deftly negotiates this divide by embracing moments of performance within his worship sets.” Busman and Perigo explore these tensions and also give practical solutions for engaging as church musicians and worship leaders

Wednesday May 01, 2024

Journey with Dr. Jeremy Perigo and Nashville-based artists, Zach & Maggie, as they reflect on musicmaking inside and outside of the church. In addition to working alongside notable artists including Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, and a long tenure with hymn writers Keith & Kristyn Getty, their lively original compositions pair Zach's skilled guitar/vocals with Maggie's impressive violin/mandolin/vocals. The Rabbit Room states, "The music of Zach & Maggie is at once playful, captivating, and stealthily intelligent." 
In this conversation, they discuss the joys and challenges of playing in and outside of the church. They also examine the "sacred" and "secular divide, their bluegrass influences, the use of surprise in arrangements, church music and performance, the need for good theology and singable melodies, artistic beauty, and musical excellence. Their newest album Elephant in the Room is a brilliant, quirky, creative project that is worth putting on repeat.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

In this podcast, Dr. Jeremy Perigo hosts Dr. Steven Félix-Jäger discussing his recent book Renewal Worship: A Theology of Doxology. Recorded live at the Society for Pentecostal Studies, they unpack topics such as global worship shifts, emotional manipulation, pneumatology, sacramentalism, lyrical theology, shifts in worship studies, relational theology, dialogical worship, revivalism, and much more. They draw from Félix-Jäger’s scholarship on Pentecostalism alongside his work as a visual artist and worship leader. Join in these pioneering discussions on the impact of Pentecostalism in global worship. 

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Join Dr. Jeremy Perigo as he hosts Dr. Ron Man as they discuss the biblical foundations of worship. Ron is a worship educator and serves on the steering committee of the Biblical Worship Section of the Evangelical Theological Society. He is also the director of Worship Resources International. His most recent book, Let Us Draw Near, is an expansive examination of the theme of worship in Scripture. Together, they unpack key themes, including dialogical worship, Trinitarian song, Jesus as a Worship Leader, and why theology matters.

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Join Dr. Jeremy Perigo as he hosts scholar, pastor, and musician Zac Hicks. Hicks is currently pastor of Church of the Cross in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the author of several books, including, most recently, Before We Gather. 
Drawing from Hicks' The Worship Pastor and Worship By Faith Alone, they discuss practical and theological issues around justification, the priesthood of all believers, and confession. Additionally, they engage in dialogue around topics such as Thomas Cranmer's Reformation of Worship, the roles of the worship pastor, failures in ministry, faith and works, and Pauline Christology.
They wrap up by highlighting the types of songs the Church needs to be writing and other practical encouragements.

Tuesday Jan 23, 2024

Join Dr. Jeremy Perigo as he hosts Dr. Melanie Ross, Associate Professor of Liturgical Studies at Yale Divinity School. They explore themes surrounding Evangelical practices and theologies of worship, particularly from Ross' books Evangelical Worship: An American Mosaic (2021) and Evangelical vs. Liturgical? Defying a Dichotomy (2014). 
Beyond monolithic political assessments of Evangelicals, Ross presents a nuanced and diverse view of Evangelicals and their liturgical identities. Enjoy their discussion surrounding the paradoxes and unique contributions of evangelical liturgical theology.

Tuesday Jan 02, 2024

Two Dordt University Professors, Dr. Justin Bailey and Prof. David Platter, are joining Dr. Jeremy Perigo on this episode. Drawing from Bailey's academic work in beauty and culture and Platter's experience as a working studio artist and educator, they reflect on the challenges and opportunities of visual art in corporate worship. They grapple with questions such as why Catholics have all the good art, why did some Reformers reject art, and what makes visual art Christian.
The discussion invites Christians to consider how best to engage with art and worship leaders to curate a vision for the arts in their churches. The podcast was recorded live at Dordt University in a Worship Arts class.

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Jeremy Perigo hosts Revd. Associate Professor Dr. Daniel Thornton of Alphacrucis University College in Australia. Dr. Thornton is an ordained minister, worship leader, musician, educator, and theologian with significant experience in production, theater, and composition.  
Together, they discuss Thornton’s scholarly research into modern Christian worship songs, which utilizes music semiology focused on texts, writers, and the audience to analyze congregational songs. Beyond the lyrical theology, hear them unpack topics such as what makes a song popular, meaning making, the influence of the industry and the local church, the future of the genre, trends in novelty and traditionalism, and how YouTube influences Christian worship. The discussion concludes with pastoral guidance and encouragement for those serving in local churches.

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

How has worship music shifted in the last ten years in the USA?
Join Dr. Jeremy Perigo as he hosts Dr. Shannan Baker, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Music and Digital Humanities at Baylor University. Their discussion focuses on the musical, theological, and market shifts of CCLI's Top 25 songs from 2010-2020.
Topics include lyrical theology, Trinitarian worship, the rise of collaborations, different types of adlibs, increases in repetitive bridges and tags, and a few rounds of “Which CCLI song would you use.”


Rev. Dr. Jeremy Perigo

Jeremy was based in the Middle East for over six years catalyzing indigenous gatherings of worship and prayer and researching issues of worship and contextualization. He has a Doctorate of Worship Studies from the Institute of Worship Studies and is Professor of Theology and Worship Arts at Dordt University . He previously taught at London School of Theology for six years, where he was the head of theology, music, and worship department. In addition, he is a visiting lecturer at Regent University and Northern University. He is an accomplished saxophonist and travels internationally as a worship leader and speaker.

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